& Energy

Headquartered in New York, NY, with capacity that reaches out across the world, Core Specialty Marine & Energy offers a wide range of coverages in the marine and energy space. 

The Core Specialty Advantage

With over 150 years of combined experience, Core Specialty’s Marine team can provide an unparalleled insight into the marine and onshore/offshore energy industry. Flexible and client-focused, we can assist in both Property and Liability insurance coverages worldwide, from major Energy and Marine Transportation companies to small family run businesses.

Our Approach

Core Specialty’s Marine team works with clients from all over the world.  Whether in a leadership role or following experienced underwriters, each member of our team has the autonomy to solve problems and suggest flexible options for our client’s energy and marine insurance. Our proven track record demonstrates our value as an insurance provider and a vital partner to the international marine industry. 

Our Products

In the unpredictable marine space, where risks range from environmental damage, to injury, to piracy, to vessel damage or loss, we have vast experience insuring:
Blue Water (Ocean Going Vessels)
Brown Water (Harbor and River Vessels)
Rigs (Fixed and Movable)
Wharfs and Terminals
Shore Side Contractors
Offshore Contractors


Tim McAndrew
President, Marine & Energy
+1 (646) 574-9479

Marlin Slutsky
SVP Underwriter
+1 (646) 574-9796

Thomas Zdrojeski
AVP, Marine & Energy
+1 (646) 574-6297

Zach McAbee
VP, Marine Underwriting
+ (206) 459-3109

Ozzie Rodriguez
AVP, Marine & Energy
+1 (646) 574-5392

Peter Sandler
AVP, Marine Underwriting
+1 (206) 595-4504

Molly Singh
Senior Underwriter, Marine & Energy
+1 (646) 574-5130