Based in Core Specialty’s dedicated underwriting hubs across the U.S., our Umbrella and Excess team is headed by Todd Dixon, who has over 25 years experience in insurance having held positions in both underwriting & brokerage, mostly recently as SVP, Southeast Regional Manager for Core Specialty Excess Casualty.

Our experienced team of Underwriters offer creative and flexible solutions and understand the need for fast, accurate response to all inquiries.


With minimal clearance issues or volume commitments, Core Specialty offers a range of umbrella, excess and retained limit products with up to $10 million capacity offered across a range of market segments including:

E&S Lead & Excess: placements for lighter E&S classes
Program: useful capacity solutions for MGA clients
Small: lower minimums/million and exceptional service
Mid-market: for insureds with up to $500 million in annual revenues

ESCAPE: Award-winning Technology Platform

Launched in 2010
$5 million capacity
Insured revenue size up to $15 million
Two-time Celent Model Insurer award-winning technology
Clear to policy issuance in under five minutes
Live Chat-enabled dedicate ESCAPE Underwriters
Low and medium classes
Wholesale-only distribution

The Core Specialty Advantage

Insured revenue size up to $500 million
Admitted and non-admitted paper in 50 states
Field-based, experienced underwriting staff
Low, medium and light E&S classes
Wholesale-only distribution

Product Liability E&S Unit

General Liability & Products Liability
Occurrence or Claims Made Coverage Trigger
Minimum Premium $5,000
Deductibles Starting at $1,000
Non-Admitted Coverage
Broad Manufacturing Appetite
Knowledgeable Experienced Underwriting Staff
Wholesale-only distribution


Todd Dixon
President, Excess Casualty Division
+1 (551) 208 4537

Excess Casualty Distribution

Alyssa Mock
AVP, Excess Casualty Distribution Manager
+1 (201) 687-7529

Erin Atheney
Senior Business Development Representative
+1 (727) 217-2597

Sarah Silva
Business Development Representative
+1 (971) 438-8483


Kardiner Cadet
SVP, eCommerce
+1 (201) 743 7718

Jason M. Subbie
VP eCommerce
+1 (201) 705 7549

Midwest / West Regions

Sarah Bryant
VP Excess Casualty (West)
+1 (480) 271-3913

Scot Curtin
VP Excess Casualty (Midwest)
+1 (708) 621-4439

Kimmey Orion
Senior Underwriter
+1 (480) 392-1470

Grant Dixon
+1 (201) 850-3955

Krystle Young
+1 (201) 744-6947

Erin Kelly
+1 (269) 241-2243

Southeast Region

Aldith Townsend
Sr. Underwriter
+1 (470) 479-7070

Stephanie Petner

Bobby McAuley
+1 (804) 296-7789

Northeast Region

Denise Capone
SVP Excess Casualty (Northeast)
+1 (201) 561 2728

Kamaldai Bello
Senior Underwriter
+1 (551) 655 3720

Kathy Basirico
Senior Underwriter
+1 (201) 687 1215

Product Liability

Van N. Spanos ASLI, AIS
SVP, Product Liability
+1 (513) 335 9909

Guy Harris
AVP Product Liability
+1 (513) 317 3691

Georgia A. Porter
Senior Underwriter
+1 (513) 460 1947

Matt Parkhurst
Senior Underwriter
+1 (513) 635 9554

John Walerius
Senior Underwriter
+1 (859) 640 1240

Matt Madar, ASLI, AU
Senior Underwriter
+1 (513) 345 0833

Jordan Caudell
+1 (859) 609 6854

“We deliver a quick resolution, because we know that’s what wholesalers want. We respond to every submission, only ask relevant questions and promptly turn around competitive quotes. We want Core Specialty to be brokers’ only call.”

Todd Dixon, president, excess Casualty division